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Addr: Shangma Street Industrial Park, Chengyang District,?Qingdao City,?Shandong Province,?China
Tel: 0凯时国际注册-0532-87813492
Fax: 0凯时国际注册-0532-87811850
E-mail: server@xintiancheng.com
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     Qingdao Tiancheng Textile Co., Ltd. is located in the north shore of Jiaozhou Bay, Qingdao City, National Hi-Tech Industrial Park north of the Chengyang launched Street Industrial Park. Qingdao is located in the heart of the north downtown area. Neighbor Qingdao Port, Qingdao International Airport, ring Jiaozhou Bay Expressway, Jinan-Qingdao railway, Jinan-Qingdao Highway, Zhengyang Road and Ao East Since the company was in front of cross-over, the four-dimensional integrated transport network and logistics to facilitate the smooth. 
     Founded in 1977, (former Qingdao 13th Cotton Textile Factory), covers an area of more than 60 acres, with 360 employees, 100 looms, spindles 37000 annual output of more than 2,000 tons of various yarn, cloth 2 million m. Mainly produces high-speed polyester sewing thread, fire-retardant yarn, fire-retardant sewing thread, core yarn, cotton yarn, cloth and other packaging products. The company has the right to import and export products in the supply of the domestic market, exported to Japan, South Korea, Turkey and European countries. 
     Qingdao City, "with the contract and trustworthy enterprise", Qingdao City, "civilized unit."

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Addr:Shangma Street Industrial Park, Chengyang District,?Qingdao City,?Shandong Province,?China  Tel:0凯时国际注册-0532-87813492    
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