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Review 2009 China Power: China through the Global Trade Protection
Time:2016-07-29    Source:    Views:2069
Business and Social January 26 hearing by the end of 2008, when the international financial crisis hit, the crisis could bring the impact of China's foreign trade, and there is no clear answer. That year in November, China's foreign trade has over the years, the first negative growth, followed by several months, a decline further. At the same time, against China's products "exchange rate", "barriers" as well as all kinds of "investigation" and other means of growing and becoming more trade protection everywhere, China's cool-headed response, the transformation of economic growth, widely seeking "sea" road. 

In October 2009 the 106th session of the Canton Fair, the most difficult to date the number of tire producers, with surging poll booth, compared to other tire companies, was extremely lonely booth. 

Tire business people: This year we feel are obviously too few, especially from the U.S. to customers, is now almost no. 

The United States in September China's punitive tariffs levied on tires, so that the domestic tire manufacturers are struggling. This house is located in Qingdao, a well-known tire manufacturers responsible persons admitted to reporters, in September, they have exported to the U.S. passenger car and light truck tires fell by half. 

The tire industry experience, China's foreign trade in 2009 is just the tip of the iceberg meet resistance. Looking back on 2009, could be described as an external world against China's "trade protectionism years." 

February 17, 2009, U.S. President Barack Obama signed a 787 billion U.S. dollars economic stimulus plan, but retains only the terms to buy American goods. Result of trade protectionism in the global spread rapidly. 

September 11, the United States imports from China of all cars and light truck tires the three-year punitive tariffs. 

October 7, the United States imports of seamless steel pipe from China initiated anti-dumping and countervailing duty investigations. A day earlier, the EU decided to impose on Chinese exports to the EU seamless 17-39% of the final anti-dumping duties. 

It is worth noting that the wave of trade protectionism in developing countries started to conduction. Brazil, from September 9, the pairs of Chinese shoes and cars with tires 1.2 billion in additional tax levy; Argentina September 24 announced that the Chinese tableware and textile products such as anti-dumping measures. 

In addition, Mexico, Russia, India, also has launched against Chinese products an anti-dumping and countervailing investigations. 

Trade protectionism is rampant in China bear the brunt. Commerce Department data show that in 2009 the first 11 months, there were already 19 countries or regions in China to launch 101 products from trade-related investigations, involving a total of nearly 12 billion U.S. dollars. China has accounted for 8% of the share of global exports, suffered 35% of the world's anti-dumping and countervailing measures, 71% is clearly an imbalance. 

The face of difficulties, our country has taken to adjust export tax rebates to address the export of corporate finance, to develop short-term export credit insurance and many other measures to cope with and enhance the breadth, intensity, great never seen before. 

The Ministry of Commerce of foreign trade enterprises to strengthen training and guidance, enhance corporate capacity of self-dealing with trade disputes; Customs and Excise Department since August 2008, has seven times raising the export tax rebate rate, mainly for the textile, furniture, footwear and other labor-intensive products and traditional bulk products; and to encourage businesses to create their own brand, for export to switch domestic open green channel. 

Minister of Commerce Chen Deming said: standing on the State Government's perspective, the export side, the main motivation is to develop exports in line with WTO rules, policies, allowing businesses to move forward with ease. On the other hand, in the international market development, we played a great role in guiding and support them, join them deal with international trade friction and to help them go out.

In addition, for the unfair trade barriers, China's tit for tat to take decisive counter-measures, to trade protectionists in sharp counterattacks. Research Center of Tsinghua University, China-US relations Zhou, a senior fellow in order to safeguard our country in the tire's performance in the case of a few examples: first slap in the face, just like the U.S. abuse of trade protection measures, restrictions on our tires, the Chinese are very quick to make a The reaction, so that those who engage in trade protectionism, recognize that trade protectionism is self-defeating 1000 Kill 800 losses than gains. 

This series of measures of trade protectionism to minimize the impact on China's exports through, our country's foreign trade insurance market, insurance share goals. To mid-2009, import and export decline is beginning to narrow; in November 2009, import and export achievement from negative to positive, an increase of 9.8%. 

Analysis of China's trade barriers frequently encountered reasons, of course, there is the financial crisis has led to deterioration in the external environment factors, but more importantly, the low-tech, low value-added processing and manufacturing, still occupy the main body of China's export products, and these products most likely to give rise to trade disputes, and the most easily replaced by others. 

In 2009, countries in the "security export" the same time, to adjust the export structure as the focus, to encourage foreign enterprises to improve their innovation capability. 

YAO Jian, spokesman for the Ministry of Commerce, said: promoting further changes in our business growth, from middle and low product, and further to the high-end technology development, the reduction in the middle and low market competition. 

At present, this adjustment has already started to bear fruit so that a number of independent innovation, foreign trade enterprises from selling products to selling technology leap. Shandong Ruyi Group, relying on original embedded textile technology to produce the world's leading high-end fabrics, the products in the international arena than the original price increased by 10 times. Qiuya Fu, chairman, said: We have the technology, be able to buy 200 grams of cashmere 200 euros, but also mass-produced, because it is unique in the international community to this one. 

Just announced the 2009 economic data show that China's exports last year reached 12017 billion U.S. dollars, beyond Germany as the world's No. 1 exporter. China in foreign trade remedy cases of proliferation, trade remedy measures against the background of diversity, such achievements are hard won. 

However, the State Statistics Bureau Ma Jian Tong seems, even though China is a major exporter, but not export power to further optimize the export structure of the road is still long way to go: We are China's exports also need to optimize the structure of China's exports behind the self - ability to innovate is also a need to strengthen our core competitiveness of export enterprises still need to improve. So, for such a position, we still have to have a clear attitude. 
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