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Old textile on a new style
Time:2016-07-30    Source:    Views:2003

Cashmere products to fashion change greatly

"Half half reduction machine, manpower reduction, but production still in January ten thousand." When it comes to the result, snow lotus, vice general manager JiaoWenE with pride. Speaking of snow lotus "brand cashmere sweater, a lot of" old Beijing "the thumbs-up sign, snow lotus company is also quietly changing.

Came to the south the rings of the daxing YingHai, snow lotus company factory product variety store, plant the lengthy production line are "enrichment", more is the sample center, fashion high-end custom workshop. From place the order to the sample, only need less than a day time, foreign orders are like snowflakes flying here, you know, snow lotus made of cashmere sweater abroad are popular high-end products. Mass production line out of Beijing, compression lines to improve the management pattern, increase craft accuracy increase production capacity... Snowdrop started with cashmere products quantity, from hundreds of increased to more than one thousand kinds of, all kinds of fashionable clothes and Fashion to meet the needs of different users, "Fashion! (Fashion)", became the new evaluation of a lot of people snow lotus.

On July 27, wangjing office near a called "beauty, fashion, and the future" fashion show is unfolding. Catwalk models, is a snowdrop textile holdings, bull, the temple of heaven, Raymond, and many other brands, and 3 d printing clothes eye-opening. Just before the show, "Beijing textile holdings limited liability company" officially changed its name to "Beijing fashion holdings co., LTD.". Products is more and more fashion, industry development, fashionable textile holding name, also has the word "fashion".

Weaving to fashion forms full upgrade

According to the requirements of the coordinated development of beijing-tianjin-hebei outline, the textile industry, has been clear in Beijing resolutely eliminate industry, "textile" does not meet the requirements for Beijing's economic and social development, and also is not consistent with what Beijing urban strategic positioning. At the same time, the textile holdings has the name of the "wrong". "Beijing textile to fashion transformation and change the name of the company, is the basic requirement of strategic positioning services in the capital city." Beijing fashion holding party secretary, chairman Wu Li said, transformation, is the urgent needs of the industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote the assets of state-owned enterprises reform and beneficial attempt and practice.

Beijing textiles, was once the capital industry a banner, but along with the change of the development of the economy and the capital requirements of industrial development, "twelfth five-year" period, Beijing spinning control adjusting exit disadvantage enterprise 56 door, active elimination closure does not conform to the production enterprise of the capital city of 29. Located in the tongzhou zhangjiawan bull co production links all transferred to shandong, jiangsu and Bangladesh. According to introducing, so far, Beijing spinning control backward industry has been basically eliminated, inefficient capacity has basic transfer, textile printing and dyeing, garment processing production has full roll-out in the Beijing area.

Didn't "spinning" and "weave", brand clothing operation, teng cage bird industrial upgrading in strength, old textile new forms, has been to the brand operation, functional textiles, trade, business services, cultural creativity, characteristic property and information technology business such as aggregation, main structure has changed thoroughly remould oneself. Old textile, step out of the road of the fashion, the city was decorated with fashion dream.

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