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Qingdao textiles GuCheng original designers to gather
Time:2016-07-30    Source:    Views:2102

6, the reporter learns from shibei district, located in the valley of fourth-rate south road of textile is build on the sky the textile museum, at the same time using old cotton plant rebuilding culture creative space and master studios, into its original designers to gather. Park has 50 designers, signing two expert designers, Qingdao international fashion week has just ended, textile valley native original design brand designer, holding back the Chinese young designer award.

Textile valley out of emerging designers

At the end of the Qingdao international fashion week, Qingdao local originality design brand Hao outer clothing 10 designers "group", which three designers expectations, holding back the Chinese young designer award. According to introducing, the home design brand and these designers, from shibei district of Qingdao textile valley, the valley of textile transformation by old GuoMian five factory. Reporters learned that the textile valley in the process of reconstruction, the use of old factory set up 18 cultural creative exhibition space and master studio, workshop area more than 200 square meters, the floor up to 13 meters. The park is 50 designer, signed two national expert designers. Still considerable area according to the plan, the plant is converted into office area, divided into 2000 square meters of office space and 2000 square meters of office area alone, it make original designers to gather. The master studio, will attract domestic famous design master, South Korea, Japan, Italy designer team set up a studio milan, textile and other industrial design relevant entrepreneurial teams with interaction, at the same time, provide guidance to help promote design work exposure and recognition.

The old factory buildings textile museum

Valley of textile valley project manager guo tao told reporters that this year has also started construction of museum, tourism development of emerging industry. According to introducing, Shanghai, Qingdao, tianjin is the main birthplace of China's modern textile industry, won the praise of "move on", is a microcosm of the development of Chinese national industry. Shibei district built on sky textile museum, will resume this period of industrial history. According to the planning, textile valley park core always covers an area of 250 mu, the sky textile museum is located in the park for the kaifeng road, west of fourth-rate south road, north of Tang He diangong area of the branch, east road, south of kaifeng. Here is the original GuoMian five factory factory, the predecessor was founded in 1934 the Japanese "Shanghai textile co., LTD Qingdao branch store" site. Here has kept many textile historical elements, such as built in 1934, old special railway line bridge connected jiaoji railway artery, two eighty - year - old Japanese towers, strewn at random have the sawtooth old factory building, etc., the area of historical and modern textile element fusion, itself is a natural "museum". Located in the awning city Qingdao textile museum will also move at this point, add some new interactive experience project, as a textile as the theme of the open museum.

The old scenes textile workshop

According to introducing, the new sky textile museum on the first phase of the project covers an area of nearly square meters, including the history museum, science museum, experience hall, warp/weft reproduce the promenade, dream show area, etc. In financial history culture, art, fashion, textile technology, business, leisure as one of the national 5 a-class industrial cultural tourism scenic spot. Among them, the show has 1600 square meters of dream construction completed, and successfully held a fashion show too much. A mini show in the park and 30000 square meters of exhibition venues, can satisfy different requirements. Throughout the area and office area of the plant, 200 meters long indoor channel, also turned into "a house road", not only set the bar recreational area, window display, launch site, road in the middle will also set up a complete textile production line equipment. Citizen from now on, can see the textile workshop production scenarios. At present, the project has been finished more than half of quantities, is expected to be completed in August, is expected to open before the end of the guest.

The second phase of the pavilion main high-tech

According to the plan, the second phase of textile museum pavilion area will be more than 1000 square meters, the project including the textile forest area, the silk road, the dream is in. Adventures in the silk road, according to the important areas of the ancient silk road will becomes changan road and Rome sports, loulan tour and rest together, realize the audience interactive virtual scene.

Every point of interaction with different game requires, the audience in different scenarios unit complete different challenges. Experience stage mode in the end, will receive silk products. With sound and light technology, complete street view projection and directional sound system, let a person see. Museum will also develop 3 d printing experience hall, robot interactive experience hall, animation design experience hall, colour collocation project experience hall, and other textile characteristics, let the audience in the experience of the development of science and technology of textile industry.

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